Importance of Emergency Dentistry after Surgical and Therapeutic Procedures

The process of wisdom teeth removal can often result in a condition called dry-socket. The gap can expose the nerves and the bones to the mercy of external elements, causing severe pain and discomfort. It can also result in teeth infection, bad breath, and swelling in the internal parts. Our emergency dentistry can fix all the issues and give you the most durable solutions for your teeth removal and post-surgical problems.

Dental Implants- Permanent Solutions

Our dental implants can replace single tooth or multiple teeth in an effective manner. Our experts can position the tooth or the bridge precisely beneath the gum-line by anchoring it with the jaw-bone. The entire process happens without causing pain.

  • Bone-Graft: We recommend a bone-graft if the jaw-bone is unable to support the implant. We can also adjust the height of the bone to match with the other healthy teeth. The process of bone-augmentation may take some time before your jaw is ready to accept the implant.
  • Key-Parameters:  The key parameters we consider before the implant are the abutment, upper and lower jaw strength, gum-health, need for incision, and the expected durability of the implant.
  • Implant-Time: In some cases, it takes time between the implant and the mounting of tooth/bridge. We analyze the time requirements based on your jaw-bone and gum health condition. If the time gap is too long, we can mount a temporary tooth to enable you to chew your food until the actual replacement tooth is mounted. If you have a healthy jaw-bone, we can perform the implant and the mounting simultaneously. Then we can provide you with the best healing medication to reduce the pain and enable normal eating.
  • Material-Quality: Porcelain is the material we recommend the most for replacement teeth. Our cosmetic dentistry experts also recommend titanium, acrylic, chrome or cobalt as the alternate materials. Acrylic is stated to be much softer than your natural teeth. But it looks natural like the porcelain which is much stronger and resistant to stress. Our experts have years of practical experience working with the dental implant procedures. So, we can recommend and perform the best procedures according to the world oral health standards.
  • Implant Procedure: Our emergencydentistry procedures are simple and efficient. We can give you quick-fix solutions when the damage to the teeth and jaw-bones has to be rectified after an accident or a mishap. The only requirement is that you have to reach our dentist office in time. You can also call our dental office for an emergency dental care and treatment. We can find the best possible method to ensure you reach our office on time.

Dental Insurance- Why Bother to Have One

Dental insurance is the best method of ensuring free or low cost dental implants with the best quality materials. As the leading cosmetic dentist Los Angeles, we can arrange for the insurance from the best company at the most affordable premium. You can save on expenses and get the best treatments.